Urgent Aid Needed for Guatemala Floods

In the wake of Tropical Storm Pilar, Guatemalan communities where CHOICE Humanitarian works are facing severe flooding. Donations can provide aid.

Thousands in the Chisec region of Guatemala where CHOICE Humanitarian works have been displaced. Heavy rains from Tropical Storm Pilar have led to devastating floods. Watch the video below.



(Video footage courtesy of local CHOICE Guatemala team)

In just one community, over 150 families have had to flee their homes for temporary placement at a local community center. Fortunately, they are safe—however, they are facing shortages of food, medicine, and other vital supplies. Several more communities where CHOICE works are experiencing these immediate hardships.  

CHOICE Country Director, Olger Pop, and our local CHOICE Guatemala team are doing everything they can to provide relief. Roads are closed or collapsed, making transportation difficult for non-local aid organizations. CHOICE is one of the only sources of support in these communities.

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Flooding like this not only has immediate destructive impact, but can also lead to health hazards in the aftermath. Lack of access to medical supplies and healthcare are major obstacles, while waterborne diseases become real and dangerous problems. The physical, emotional, and health consequences can be long-lasting and far-reaching.

CHOICE Humanitarian and our donor community are in a position to do something to help. With your generosity, $5,000 can urgently purchase critical items for these families. 

Please donate today to support those that are facing overwhelming challenges. Click the button below to donate now, or visit the fundraising page to see how we're tracking on our goal. >>


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