Announcement: CEO Resignation for CHOICE Humanitarian

With gratitude for his three years of passionate service, we share that Steve Pierce has resigned from his position as CEO for CHOICE Humanitarian.

From the Board Chair: 

It is with gratitude I share that, after three years of passionate service, Steve Pierce has resigned from his position as Chief Executive Officer for CHOICE Humanitarian. 

Steve came to CHOICE at a pivotal time in its history: a month before the COVID-19 pandemic. Steve not only navigated CHOICE through unprecedented challenges in a difficult economic environment, but he also positioned the organization for programmatic growth. 

With decades-worth of experience in international development, Steve brought training and education to CHOICE’s eight field teams around the world. His expertise and leadership have propelled CHOICE forward in its ability to effectively understand multidimensional poverty, systemically address it, and accurately measure the impact of those efforts. Along with many more notable achievements over the past few years—including the launch of a new area of operations in the Navajo Nation—Steve’s vision has driven CHOICE to expand opportunities for remote, underserved communities.    

We are incredibly appreciative to Steve, and we wish him the absolute best in all his future plans, including his return to prior career endeavors. 

I will serve as interim CEO while our Board of Directors begins the executive search process to fill the position. Bethany Jones, former board chair, will resume the chair position in interim as well. Together with CHOICE’s global team—who work with heart every day to fulfill this organization’s great mission—I have every confidence in an inspiring 2023 and beyond. 

Thank you for your continued and future support of our vision to help people everywhere have the choice and the means to live in peace, prosperity, and freedom. 


Bret Backman     

Interim Chief Executive Officer 

Board Chair

cc: Bethany Jones, Interim Board Chair 


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